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ABM Equipment Services Ltd

Address : Gofu Industrial Area, Tanga - 5648

Country : Tanzania

Mobile No : +255-653703170, +255-784449908

Fax : +255-736603542

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ABM Equipment Services Ltd is a distinguished Manufacturer and Supplier of Soil Nutrients, ABM Agri Gypsum, ABM Agricultural Lime and ABM Dolomitic Lime. The company owns quarries from where the following industrial products are extracted and processed by grinding into superfine powders and sold as agricultural macronutrients and for Industrial uses dependent on particular customer needs. We possess Analysis certificate by SEAMIC (T) and (TFRA) Tanzania. The Soil Nutrients are mainly sold as soil amendments, conditioners and stabilizers to plantations in East Africa. The products are recommended for organic agriculture and for wide range of industrial applications. We also offer mobile soil testing services to farmers. This extension service involves quickly testing soil NPK, Organic matter, salinity and pH in the soil, fertilizer and plants using advanced soil nutrients analyser system.

ABM EQUIPMENT SERVICES LTD based in Tanzania are manufacturers of high quality Soil mineral fertilizers that perform well in all three categories of soil treatment, amendment, conditioner and fertilizer. We mine , grind and pack Agricultural grade Gypsum (Calcium Sulphate) for correction of alkaline soils ; Agricultural Lime (Calcium Carbonate - referred also as Calcitic Lime ; Dolomitic Lime (Calcium Magnesium Carbonate) for correction of acidic soils and sodic/clay soils.

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